Dr. Bittner’s solution for treating snoring and obstructive sleep apnea is groundbreaking, for both patients and doctors.
There is simply nothing else like this for snoring and obstructive sleep apnea sufferers.

Dr. Ronald Himelman M.D. Cardiologist

On my first visit at Bittner Dental Clinic, I had my teeth cleaned by Rita, a wonderful hygienist. I would highly recommend her. Very gentle. After my teeth cleaning, a CT scan and X-Rays were done giving the doctor an overall view of all the previous dental work (implants, jaw surgery and a genioplatsy) that I had done between 1998 – 2003. Dr. Bittner sat down with me for quite some time explaining in detail what I will need to have done to correct my TMD, give me the beautiful smile I’ve always wanted and help me not to snore anymore. She also explained in detail about how snoring is connected to the narrowing of my air passageway, and that I was not getting enough oxygen when I sleep. (Causing tiredness and headaches). This is treated with Laser equipment. Dr. Bittner is by far one of the most educated and informed Dentists I know. The cutting edge, state of the art technology she has shown me is unlike any other dental office here in the desert. I would highly recommend making an appointment with Dr, Bittner, she will change your life!! She has already changed mine.

Kathy P.

I have visited 6 different dentists and doctors about my snoring and sleep. I was referred by other doctors to these specialists. Not one of them could help me. I found Dr Bittner at Bittner Dental Clinic through the Desert Sun. She saved my life, stopped my snoring and gave me back my sleep. She did a beautiful job on my neighbors teeth also. I am truly thankful for this dentist and so is my wife.

Gene T.

For the last twenty years I have be asking my doctor to give me something to enable me to get a good nights sleep. He told me to meditate. I saw a ad on TV for the Bittner laser treatments, and decided to give my sleep problems one more try. From my first treatment I noticed I was sleeping much better and waking up calm rather than nervous in the morning. Besides sleeping much better, I liked the professional and personal care I received from Dr. Bittner.

John M.

I’ve been going to Doctor Bittner for over a year. She and her staff are very professional, yet friendly and not stuffy. The quality of the care is second to none. I would not go anywhere else. Dr. Bittner is not just a dentist – she’s a health care trailblazer with a passion for fixing and curing as many people as she can.